I am so very pleased to be able to publish this video online! It documents the TAFENSW – Western Institute Tourism and Hospitality Project at jokaydiaGRID and was created by the super talented Kerryj aka Pandora Kurrajong! It was funded by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

Huge congratulations to Rob Alderton aka Rob Merchi and her team in the Tourism and Hospitality section at Bathurst TAFE. They have created a fantastic set of resources and strategies which demonstrate a clear and effective use of virtual worlds in vocational education and training. They’ve also demonstrated how immersive learning environments can be used to address distance and offer customised learning options for our students. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them and to see their students enjoy learning inworld.

A special thanks also to Azzura, Sapphy, Will, Talvin and the kids from Year 9 IT at the Illawarra Grammar School for making cameo appearances in the movie! Yay!

To visit the Virtual Tourism Project inworld, simply login to jokaydiaGRID and teleport to the Western Institute 1 sim. For more information about the project visit: http://bit.ly/virtualtourismnsw.