As some of our players already know, we are cleaning up our mines in readiness for our upgrade to 1.7.4! As part of this process we will be adding some new maps with the fancy new terrains and lots of new space for building epic creations. HOWEVER, this means we need to remove Endywood at the end of January.

But before you panic ….

As part of this process we’re giving everyone the chance to save their favourite creations on the Endywood map and have them moved to Endywoodtoo.

If you would like your creation moved over, you’ll need to register your request in the form below. Make sure you include a Warp so that we can find the creation you would like moved and a description of the creation so we make sure we have all the right bits!

Fill out my online form.

After your creation has been moved, the warp will be transferred so you can find it again.

A special note for Spores – if you need a warp created, ask a Jnr Moderator and they’ll help you!