About Jokaydia

jokaydia was established in 2006 by Jo Kay aka jokay Wollongong as she is known in most virtual worlds. We are a design and consultancy group, with a focus on the use of virtual worlds and games for learning.

jokaydia has homes in multiple virtual worlds and games including:

  • jokaydiaGRID – our OpenSimulator based virtual world, and home to the jokaydia Community of Practice
  • jokaydia Minecrafts – home to Massively @ jokaydia and a range of exciting playful learning projects for kids and parents.
  • The Islands of jokaydia in Second Life – where it all started, and home to our Second Life, based projects.

We support a range of projects and services across our virtual spaces. Explore the sites for more details or check out the news section for more information and screenshots from some of our favourite projects!

jokaydia provides elearning design and support services including: 

  • Design and development of learning resources across various platforms including WordPress, Moodle, BlackBoard, Wikispaces, Media Wiki and beyond.
  • Professional development services including workshops for those who are interested in harnessing new and innovative technologies for learning.
  • User Support services including supporting users in learning management systems and using open online learning spaces.

jokaydia provides web design and development services including: 

  • Design and development of websites for education, small business etc.
  • Special focus on WordPress development
  • Social Media design and implentation across various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

We’d love to help you to explore options and develop effective digital solutions across any/all of these domains. Please Contact Us for more information.

Bio – Jo Kay

Director, jokaydia.com

Jo Kay aka jokay Wollongong is a freelance designer and facilitator working in virtual worlds and educational technology. She provides support and professional development to educators and organisations who are exploring the use of new and innovative technologies for learning.

Jo is the owner and facilitator of jokaydiaGRID – an opensimulator based virtual world, jokaydia Minecrafts – our minecraft community for kids, and the Islands of jokaydia in Second Life. She supports a community of educators who are exploring the use of virtual worlds and games in education.

Jo has interests in online culture and social networking, and the impacts both are having in the education sector, but also on society in general. Her research over the last few years has focused on virtual worlds and games, and the possibilities they offer for playful learning, engagement and collaboration.

Since 2006 she has been designing and developing educational spaces and resources. She has created content and provided learning design services to a range of educational organisations including Charles Sturt University, New England Institute of TAFE, North Coast Institute of TAFE, Virtual Enterprise Australia, the NSW Department of Education and Communities, the History Teacher’s Association of Victoria, Swinburne University, Macquarie University, TAFENSW – Sydney Institute, TAFENSW – Western Institute, PBS Teacherline and the Online Therapy Institute.

Jo believes that learning should be playful, collaborative, inclusive, engaging, joyful, social and fun! Follow her on Twitter @jokay or view her profile @ About.me!