The Island of jokaydia in Second Life

The Island of jokaydia in Second Life

The Island of jokaydia in Second Life was established in 2007 and hosts a range of rental spaces and community resources for users interested in exploring virtual worlds for education, arts and social change.

The Island of jokaydia is designed to provide an appealing, community oriented ambiance that encourages collaboration and sharing. We host informal and formal events, a number of educational institutions and individuals who are part of our rental community. The Island is also the Second Life home of the jokaydia Community of Practice, which has been collaborating in virtual worlds since 2006.

CSU Campus at the Island of jokaydia in Second Life

How to visit

To visit the Island of jokaydia, you will need to signup for an account and download the Second Life client software. Visit for further details.

After you have completed signup and installation steps, you can use this Island of jokaydia SLurl ( to teleport to our landing zone!

Islands of jokaydia Resources

The Island of jokaydia hosts a range of resources and venues which are available free to visitors and residents.

  • jokaydia Landing Zone
  • jokay’s Office
  • jokaydia Newbie Garden
  • jokaydia Minecrafts Hut
  • EduCastle – Resource Library
  • jokaydia Ruins (Events and Presentations Area)
  • Sky Sandbox
  • Fairy Garden
  • Dance Patio
  • Campfire Area (Small Discussion / Meeting Space)
A quiet spot on the Island of jokaydia in Second Life

Island of jokaydia Residents

The following individuals and organisations are currently part of our rental community at the Island of jokaydia in Second Life. Click on the SLurls below to visit our resident’s spaces:

  • Charles Sturt University – School of Information Studies Campus
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Virtual Exhibition Space
  • Oronoque’s Second Life Classroom
  • School Library Association of NSW
Renting on the Island of jokaydia

Renting on the Island of jokaydia 

We often have small parcels of land available for education or edu-friendly projects. For further information please contact us.